Thursday, October 1, 2009

Worrisome Correspondence

A reader forwarded a very disturbing e-mail from a BDSM site.  The sender's profile describes a woman, but the sender is clearly a disturbed male.  See profile of  "needhelp2" :

The e-mail sent was as a novice sadist seeking advice from an experienced dominant.  Disturbing:

From: needhelp2 
Dated: 9/27/09 2:54 AM   (GMT -5)

Hi there. I have a cousin who is extremely hot. She is a female model. For over 5 years now, i have had an obsession with her, to the point of where i have had to quit my job. I have found that every single day i obsess about tying, enslaving and torturing her. I feel due to her looks, that she is 100% perfect for bondage and bdsm and should spend the rest of her life enslaved. She is extremely hot, and it has come to the point where i do not know what to do anymore. She has no personal interest in bondage at all, but in my mind, i dont care about that, and i feel she should be forced into it whether she likes it or not. I am looking for some advice on what to do. I am male, and my cousin is a 24 year old female model. I have blackmail information on herself and her manager which could be used to blackmail her manager into letting her go and helping, as he has her on strict contracts and basically controls all her actions currently, but i know blackmail is illegal. If you saw a few pictures of her i think you would understand my obsession and see what i mean. I am happy to provide some on yahoo messenger photoshare if you want to see a few.

I appreciate any advice anyone may offer. Thanks." 

That author's profile on the site would seem to describe the intended victim:
Description:             Female Submissive
Country:                   UK
Height:                      5'7"
Age:                           24
Orientation:              Straight
Ethnicity:                  Caucasian
Last Online:              09/30/09
My sane (if slightly kinky) reader reported this message to the site and responded to the sick guy:

BDSM is either consensual or a serious crime. You must see a psychiatrist for your obessive disorder. This is very, very dangerous for everyone.  

The site replied with only a canned response suggesting that posts describing illegal activities should be reported by the recipient to the authorities.  Of course, only the site itself can determine where the sicko lives, and thus which police to contact.  A response to the site administration pointing this out received no reply.

So, if anyone knows a hot 24 year-old UK model with an extremely disturbed male cousin, you might want to pass this information on to warn her--her life is in danger.  

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  1. No one has the right to kidnap or blackmail anyone whether the victim wants to or not. Really very disturbing.